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1-Alarm annunciater system.

32 channel input alarm annunciater system displays the change of input status in blinking & audio mode & after acknowledgement becomes steady.


350 Analog inputs &600 digital input SCADA System is a 12 bit mini computer based system comprising of VDU,RTC,RTOS,AISS,DIOS &pneumatic multiplexor etc.


16 Channels Micro based industrial timer cum frequency cum duty cycle cum pulse amplitude measurement for deciding the extraction efficiency in solvent extraction column.

4-64 Channels digital temperature cum pressure scanners.

64 channels micro based pressure &temperature with pre settable alarms.

5-64 channel central console for nuclear radiation monitoring instruments.

Centralized display of nuclear radiation across the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

6-32 channel CCTV based physical protection with access control & surveillance system with random video recording facility.

32 channel surveillance of nuclear fuel reprocessing facility for intrusion protection .

7-350 Analog &600 digital actuators &100 P.I.D Controllers for nuclear fuel reprocessing plant/chemical plant.

Process control instrumentation system for nuclear fuel reprocessing plant for measurement &control of process parameters comprising of recorders-transmitters-controllers-solenoid valves-alarm annunciater systems PLC’S-ESR-flow meter.

8-Nuclear radiation monitoring instrumentation.

You will want to write your book in 250-500 word chunks
Development of hand monitors,area monitors,for Alpha,beta gamma neutron &plutonium in air monitoring.

12-Multi channel analyzer development.

Micro based pulse height analyzer for nuclear pulses emanating from radiation source.

13-Wireless charging

Wireless charging of laptops, mobiles etc.

14-Battery less torch

Battery less torch employing cranking principle.

15-Mobile cover with storage.

3D printed mobile covers with Li-ion battery storage.

16-LED Lights with back up storage.

LED Lights with inbuilt batteries.

17-Asset tracking system.

GPS Module based asset tracking system.

18-Water metering system.

Existing mechanical water meter to be replaced with electronic water meters.

19-Gas metering system

Gas metering system for piped gas supply.

20-Gas leak detection system.

Gas leak detection systems.

21-Whole body scanner for disease detection.

Sensors based scanning system for early detection of disease.

22-GPRS/RF/PLCC/ZIGBEE/GSM/WI-FI/TCP-IP/WHITE TV SPACE based communication system development.

Remote monitoring of power plants/devices.

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